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Chapter 5: Building the Consultative Talent Acquisition Team

Assembling your consultative Talent Acquisition team using the RecruitCONSULT! philosophy is not unlike putting together a sports team. You need to find the most highly skilled players who have the drive to win and the willingness to set egos aside to reach the common goal.

While professional experience is good, it’s not just about technical skills, which can be acquired. It’s also about innate qualities: the desire to bring value, to win, to think creatively, and to know how to bring out the best in people.

As a consultative Talent Acquisition leader you need to lead by example. The same attributes that you seek in a Recruiter are the ones that your client seeks in you. When this is all put together you have a consultative culture that works as one harmonious whole, always moving fearlessly forward.

Here are two tools that I’ve found helpful in working with many clients in various industries. Remember, find your success practices that work the best for your organization instead of trying to adopt all best practices.

Here is an example of a master Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Here is an example of an email follow up to an SLA discussion.

Here is a second example of an email follow up to an SLA discussion.

Here is an example of a Hiring Manager Intake Meeting based on success practices shared in the book. 

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