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Chapter 6: Leading a Proactive Talent Acquisition Function

Low-Cost / No – Cost Recruiting and Talent Acquisition Techniques

It is important for consultative Talent Acquisition professionals to understand how to plan a Talent Acquisition strategy when there is a need, and to decide what the sourcing process will be prior to actually having to do it. Here is a recap of my recommendation to think like a STAR.


They should know it intimately so that there is a consistent approach. This may even involve developing a toolkit when introducing the strategy to the Recruiters so they can use these for intake meetings.


What kind are the Hiring Managers experiencing? They need to be thinking “white glove” treatment all the way. This means everything the Hiring Manager could possibly want (from recommendation on university programs that will train for a skill set required in the future, to compensation packages for similar positions) and bringing it to the meeting. Treating stakeholders in a professional, prepared manner builds the relationship and saves time. It also will likely improve the treatment the Recruiters get in return.


If you’ve made the team aware of the strategy and they have earned credibility through the treatment they have given, they will be in a great position to amaze by doing some pre-sourcing. For example, bringing some resumes that fit the requisition or job demonstrates an understanding of the Hiring Manager’s needs. This not only saves money, but it will also help with your internal brand (more on this topic coming soon), which is a way to amaze.


Now that you’re confident you’re on the right track and have provided a consultative approach, it’s time to get tactical. Get to it, always keeping your strategy in mind.

Use this mantra to approach your Talent Acquisition techniques – regardless of your available budget.


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Jeremy Eskenazi


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