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Talent acquisition professionals often sit behind their desks and wonder if they’re doing the right things. There are so many options, capsule sources and trends to follow; how do these professionals know which is right for their business? Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a ‘dummies’ version for leadership in the recruitment space…until now.

The RecruitCONSULT! Philosophy is an easy to understand, look customize and execute, set of guiding principles to help lead and manage a corporate recruiting function. In his first book on this philosophy, Jeremy Eskenazi coaches, mentors, and provides a complete toolkit to help corporate staffing, recruiting, human resources, and talent acquisition leaders shape and build high performing corporate recruiting functions.

The business world is constantly changing. RecruitCONSULT! Leadership provides real life examples, including the cringe-worthy ones, to provide insight on key success indicators like; relationship building, budget management, resourcing, proactive leadership, and of course, measurement.

There is no longer a reason to be fearful of last minute recruitment demands, choke-hold processes, and fear of outsourcing. RecruitCONSULT! helps recruiting and staffing professionals from an inside-out, and outside-in perspective of global companies.

The RecruitCONSULT! Philosophy helps to dispel the myth that corporate recruiting is a thing of the past. RecruitCONSULT! Leadership is the first-ever field book for corporate talent acquisition leaders, striving for ‘hire’ excellence.